Catch Beach Club – My Honest Review

Catch Beach Club is a fantastic restaurant and bar in Phuket looking directly over the beautiful Bangtao beach.

It’s a stunning place for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious food and tropical drinks while watching the magical sunset.

Whether you want to go with your family or you’re just a couple looking for a romantic place with wonderful moments to capture, Catch Beach Club is having it all.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my honest review of Catch Beach Club and why this place should be at the top of your list.

Why Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club offers everything you would love from mouth-watering food to a very warm and welcoming staff and magnificent views.

They have a combination of different kinds of Thai and Western food including Italian and French.

How delicious is the food there?

Well, it’s so delicious which will make you order more for takeaway.

You can enjoy a swim on the beach first, then come back to your table and have some food and drinks.

I guarantee you will enjoy your time there which will make you go there more than once in a single trip.

So, don’t forget to let me know your experience the next time you are there.

What to order?

The thing I love most about Catch Beach Club’s menu is that it doesn’t have hundreds of dishes just like any other restaurant.

And the dishes that I highly recommend because I tried and loved are:

  • Truffle Pizza
  • Australian Beef Cheese Burger
  • French Oysters
  • Grilled Lambchops
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pasta La Carbonara

You will find other dishes there on the menu, but the ones I mentioned above are super delicious.

As for drinks, I remember just ordering an ice-cold Coconut, which is the best during hot weather.

But they have a good selection of drinks and wine as well.

Catch Beach Club Photos and Views

Apart from the food and joy you have in this beach club, the views of the beach and the sunset are outstanding.

It will make you never want to leave and always have your phone ready to capture some magical moments.

I have also noticed a lot of digital nomads like me are relaxing with laptops in their labs, feet in the sand, and happiness on their faces.

The happiness of having the freedom to work and hang out in this phenomenon place.

So, if you are not a digital nomad, you should consider thinking it over because it will change your life.

Best time to go

Catch Beach Club

If you want to capture the sunset or take some pictures and videos, it’s better to go a couple of hours before the sunset time.

Which will be around 5:45 pm in Phuket.

In fact, the photo you’re seeing above with taken with my cellphone, not a professional camera but it still came out perfect.

So, when you go there, make sure to have your cameras ready for the golden hour.

Catch Beach Club Location

You can simply use this map to get directions and go there directly.

So, get ready for the best time ever.

Final thoughts

If you’re a foodie like me, you will find many wonderful beach clubs and restaurants in Phuket to enjoy.

And Catch Beach Club is one of the best, so make sure to give it a shot.

I wish you all the best, my dear nomads and travelers.

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