7 Best Restaurants in Phuket for Families with Kids

Are you a foodie person who loves to travel for food? Then these awesome family-friendly restaurants in Phuket are going to make your day.

Whether you’re looking for Thai food, Italian food, or even Georgian food, Phuket has something for you.

In this blog post, I will share with you the seven best Phuket restaurants for families with kids.

1. Suay Restaurant:

restaurants in Phuket

This Michelin Star restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Phuket, with a wide range of food.

You can either choose to sit inside or outside, but if it’s too hot, you better sit inside.

The staff is way too friendly, but remember to let them know that you want all the food to come together.

Or you will end up with one dish after another, which makes it difficult for a family to dine together.

Some of the best dishes we’ve tried are Crab Balls, Pad Thai with Fried Soft Shell Crab, and Coconut Tiramisu.

restaurants in Phuket

There are 4 different branches for Suay in Phuket, but the best one is Suay Cherngtalay.

Apart from all that, Suay Porto De Phuket has a special Taco Night every Tuesday for just THB 499/per person.

restaurants in Phuket

And it has all you wish for in a Taco, like Salmon, Chicken, Veggies with Tortilla, and Crispy Corn.

So, if you are in Phuket, don’t miss out on this Tuesday opportunity at the Suay Porto De Phuket.

2. Little Roma

restaurants in Phuket

If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Phuket with delicious Italian food, then you must check out Little Roma.

Especially if you’re coming with kids because there’s a playground right in front of the restaurant.

So you don’t have to worry bout the kids getting bored.

And you and your wife can enjoy your meal peacefully.

restaurants in Phuket

Besides, the food is amazing, from pizza to freshly made pasta, you name it.

It just feels like a corner in Italy.

I would highly recommend Penne Alfredo, Tiramisu, and Pizza Norma.

And by the way, kids have a special menu to make it easy for you to order.

3. Wine Connection

For those looking for some tasty wines and delicious pasta, the Wine Connection should be on top of your list.

And although it’s so romantic and recommended for couples, it is still one of the best restaurants for families with kids.

Some of the dishes we enjoyed were Lobster Pasta, Fettuccine with Salmon, and Brownie with Chocolate Ice cream.

Their wine selections are huge; you can order in-house or take it home.

Wondering where is the best location for Wine Connection?

It’s the one in Phuket Old Town because it’s calm and you can take a tour of Phuket town right after.

4. The Lazy Coconut

restaurants in Phuket

The Lazy Coconut is a stunning restaurant with a gorgeous sea view and delicious, high-quality Thai dishes.

They serve fresh seafood, burgers, french fries, and a lot more mouth-watering food.

You can also order Pad Thai, which is amazing with some tiger prawns.

And fresh coconut that works so well with hot weather.

Some other dishes we’ve tried are Wagyu Flank Steak, Chicken Skewers, and Mezze Platter.

One last thing, you better go at 5:30 PM to make sure you can catch the sunset.

5. Spice House

restaurants in Phuket

If you’re from Russia or you would love to try some Russian food, then put Spice House on your list.

The Spice House is a stunning restaurant with a beautiful outdoor dining area where your kids can play around safely.

Some of their signature dishes are Boiled Russian Ravioli Chicken, Beer Beef, and Stewed Lamb with Red Wine.

So, if you are coming to Phuket soon, make sure to try The Spice House in Bangtao.

6. Pan Bistro

restaurants in Phuket

Pan Bistro is a small seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood daily, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Phuket.

You can find it easily because they place a huge crab on their sign.

And the best time to go there is around 3:00 pm when most people are at the beach.

The best dishes we’ve tried and loved are Tom Yum Soup, Fried Rice with Pineapple, and Savoury Crab Meat.

And don’t forget the Thai Milk Tea.

7. Cut & Grill

If you are like me and you love Lamb Kebab and Hummus, there is no better place than Cut & Grill.

I’ve always been a big fan of this beautiful river-side restaurant.

And the waitresses are fabulous, which makes it feel like home.

Everyone meets you with the biggest smile on their face, and the view is more than gorgeous.

But, when it comes to the food, it’s a whole different story.

If you’re going with your family, then you can order the Mix Grill for Four people, hummus, mezze, and Rice Pudding.

Actually, this is what I order every time.


Phuket’s culinary scene is as diverse and vibrant as the island itself, making it a magical place to dine.

From traditional Thai cuisine to international flavors, these seven restaurants showcase the best of Phuket’s gastronomic delights in 2023.

Whether you’re craving authentic Thai dishes, contemporary Italian cuisine, or fusion creations, the top restaurants on this list are exceptional.

While this blog post highlights the best restaurants in Phuket, the island continues to evolve, and new culinary gems may emerge.

So, if you find yourself in Phuket, be sure to visit these exceptional restaurants and indulge in the mouth-watering experience.

Your taste buds will thank you as you embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of this tropical paradise.

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