Exciting 3 days in Phuket for first timers

I know what you’re thinking. 3 days in Phuket is a very short time, and there are not many things to do.

But you don’t need to stay in Phuket for a long time to enjoy a memorable trip.

In fact, not everything in Phuket is worth giving it a shot, especially if you’re short on time.

So, let me share with you this fantastic Phuket Itinerary with the best things to do in only 3 days in Phuket.

3 Days In Phuket Plan

Let’s divide each single day into three parts: morning, afternoon, and evening.

For each different time of the day, you will be enjoying one activity, including trying mouthwatering food and visiting awesome attractions.

Sounds cool, huh?

Now, let’s go through your 3-day plan…

Day One

Start your adventure with a delicious breakfast at Kanin Cafe, one of Phuket’s best cafes.

Choose their egg toast with fried chicken and the Butter toast with banana and berries.

It’s going to blow your mind.

After you’re done with a filling meal and a nice cup of coffee, your next destination will be Bangtao Beach.

At noon, Bangtao Beach looks marvelous.

And it’s one of the best and cleanest beaches in Phuket.

So, whether you go to Bangtao Beach with your family or on your own, you’re going to enjoy your whole time.

3 days in Phuket

After a long swim, you’re very likely to get wildly hungry.

Especially with many different beach clubs around you.

So, you can enjoy a savory lunch at Catch Beach Club where you will stay until the evening.

Catch Beach Club is such an amazing place for you to enjoy a mouthwatering meal and rock and roll at night with their wild DJ and cocktails.

One more thing about Bangtao Beach that’s worth mentioning is the beautiful sunset, which is magical.

So, keep your iPhone ready for the golden hour.

And it’s about 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

3 days in Phuket

Day Two

3 days in Phuket

On day two, you’re going to head to Phuket Old Town and enjoy some historical exploring.

But, remember the secret about old Phuket town! most of the restaurants and coffee shops have no signs on the door.

Which is quite tricky most of the time.

So, take a good walk in Phuket town, and take some photos of the classic buildings and beautiful vintage cafes and restaurants.

Then try the French butter toast with Ice cream at Phuketique cafe and bar.

OMG! it’s extremely delicious.

And I remember eating two different toasts on my first visit.

So, try it and thank me later.

The best time to go to Phuketique is 11:00 am when a few people are there, so you don’t have to line up.

Now, it’s time for your next adventure, which is climbing Monkey Hill

Believe me, your 3 days in Phuket will never be complete without it.

3 days in Phuket

Climbing up and down the hill will make you exhausted.

So, as soon as you are done at Monkey Hill, head to Mad Hog right away.

Mad Hog is a spooky restaurant and bar with a creepy-looking design, but it turns into a crazy Party corner.

And by the way, all these places are located in Phuket town, so you won’t need to drive around the city or waste your 3 days in Phuket driving from one place to another.

So, you can spend a wonderful night at Mad Hog if you still have some energy.

You will enjoy the Weekend night market in Phuket town where you can shop for whatever you want.

It’s absolutely worth giving it a shot.

Day Three

Alright, it’s day three already, and the clock is ticking.

So, what can you do to make this final day a blast?

here we go…

First, you’re going to spend your morning hanging out with tigers.

Yeah, you heard that right.

3 days in Phuket

Here is when you come face to face with a big tiger, put your hands on it, touch and feel its breath.

That’s what makes Phuket Tiger Kingdom one of the most amazing places in Phuket for adventurous people like you.

it’s a massive place where you can hang out with tigers of all sizes, from newborn tigers to mega-size ones.

3 days in Phuket

But don’t worry; it’s absolutely safe, and it’s impossible for tigers to snap.

Thanks to the wonderful staff that will be on your side through the whole tour.

Next, you will go to Aquaria Phuket, which is a magical underground aquarium in downtown Central Phuket.

There, you will enjoy a wonderful tour inside this massive aquarium with Sharks all around you, penguins, sea turtles, and fish of all colors.

And they also offer many different shows that you don’t want to miss.

After a long day full of adventures, you will absolutely be so freakin Hungry.

So, it’s time to give yourself a treat and have some delicious Hotpot at Hai Di Lao, which is in the same building as the aquarium.

It’s not just a regular Hotpot restaurant; it’s the holy grail of savory food and a cool Chinese dance show.

Just come out of Aquaria Phuket, then fly a couple of stairs up and cross to the second building.

And you will find the restaurant on your left side, right next to the jewelry shops.

At Last

There are many awesome things to do in Phuket apart from the snorkeling and tours that get ruined most of the time by tour guides.

So, this trip plan for just 3 days in Phuket is worth every bit of it.

Enjoy it and have fun.

But don’t forget to let me know about your experience in Phuket, or hit me up on Instagram.


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